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Windows 10 Upgrade Offer – £125 Including License


If you did not upgrade to Windows 10 during the free offer period, you can take advantage of this offer. For £125 I will upgrade your current computer to Windows 10, and ensure that all of your current programs and data remain intact. This includes the license. (Please note: not all computers can be upgraded, and some older programs may not run on Windows 10.)

If you are still running Windows XP or Windows Vista however, you cannot do an upgrade, but it may be possible to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 onto your computer. This involves backing up your current data, internet settings/passwords, email, etc. I will then wipe your hard drive and install Windows 10, then re-install your old programs (providing these will run on Windows 10), and finally restore your old data to the new Windows 10 installation. The cost for this is £165, and again this includes the license. There can be advantages to doing it this way, as a fresh install often runs faster and has fewer hangs or crashes.

Call today to take advantage of this limited time offer.

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