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Slow Computer?

Slow Computer

Is your computer running slowly? Why not let Cambridge Computer Medic speed things up for you? There are many reasons that your computer may be running slowly. Often times a simple automated procedure that takes about an hour to run can make a noticeable difference. Other times it can require such things as a RAM memory upgrade or malware infestation removal.

In some cases re-installing your operating system is the best solution. If your computer is 3 years old or older, this can really make a difference. Remember how fast your computer was when you first bought it? Reinstalling will often get it running like it did back then. So many people are prepared to spend £500 on a new computer because they think it is too old and slow, when spending £165 for my re-installation offer would get things running at a high performance level again.

Call now to book your optimisation session, and get your computer performing at it’s best.

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