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Should I Repair or Replace my Computer?

brokenlaptopscreenI am often asked “should I repair or replace my computer?” Consider this example: You have had your laptop for a few years, and it has done you good service. You are attached to it and everything is set up just so. But then something happens. You accidently sit on it, causing the screen to break. Or, maybe you spill your brandy on the keyboard. So you ring the computer repairman. Wait, it will cost how much??!

This is a typical situation for a lot of people, and there are many factors that go into the decision. I will try to help you understand the choices.

Firstly, get a couple of quotes. Not everyone charges the same rates, or has access to replacement parts at the same discount. Once you have got the best price you have to weigh up some factors.

New laptops have come down in price and you can get a brand new one for under £250, and it can be perfectly suited to your needs. So that is the first step compare the cost of replacing with the new machine. If the cost is close, you may prefer to simply get a new one. However there are other costs if you decide on new. For instance getting your programs and data off the old one. It may not even be possible to install some of the applications from your old computer on the new one. Secondly, most new computers have Windows 8.1 so if you are not used to it, it can be a bit of a challenge to learn.

Then there is considering how powerful your old laptop is compared to the low end new ones, particularly if you use it to do things that require a high spec, like gaming or video editing. Sometimes the drop can be significant, and you might be disappointed.

Fortunately Computer Medic can help you to decide whether to repair or replace your computer. Not only do I undertake repairs at competitive prices, I can advise you on making your next purchase and help find the best deal, if that is how you want to go. And I am an expert in getting data and programs from one machine to another. So if you are in the position of needing to make that decision, call me on 07712 783587.

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