Old to New PC Transfer Service

Old to New PC Transfer Service



Old to new pc transfer serviceIf you are replacing your old computer with a new PC, my old to new PC transfer service will help make your transition easier!

There are three pricing options to choose from:


Basic Level – Data and Programs Transfer – £80

Data Transfer. All your files, photos, music, videos, bookmarks/favourites, etc. will be copied to your new machine.

Program Installation. Programs and applications cannot be copied; they must be installed from scratch. I am able to find your licensing info from your old computer, and even if you do not have the original installation disks or downloads, chances are high that I will have them or be able to find them. I will then install the programs onto your new PC, provided they are compatible with your new operating system. And if they are not I will likely have an alternative program, completely free, that you can use instead.

Standard Level – £125

In addition to the basic data and programs transfer you will get:

Configuration and Security Updates. I will download all the latest operating system security updates and service packs, all the new driver updates, and configure the computer to behave in the way you have become accustomed to in your old computer. I will also install a FREE anti-virus program to keep you safe. If you have a paid program, I will transfer the subscription to the new machine.

Home Set-up. I will connect your computer to your home internet, and set up any printers, cameras, etc. If you want to create a home network environment I can do that as well.

Deluxe Level – £150

In addition to the Standard level services you will get:

Expert Buying Advice. I have spent years in the IT department for a midsize business, matching user requirements with just the right machine for the job. I also have a network of sources for IT purchases, and can get special pricing not available to others. I will make sure you don’t overspend or wind up with an under-spec machine. After an initial consultation, I will source the perfect desktop, laptop, or tablet for you.

One Hour Tuition. I will give you a one hour session to introduce you to your new computer. This is particularly useful if your old computer is running an earlier version of Windows such as XP or Windows 7 and your new computer has Windows 10.

Windows 10 Customisation. If you are used to older versions of Windows such as XP, Vista or Windows 7 or 8, you may find it very unfamiliar using Windows 10. I can configure Windows 10 to match very closely the look and feel of your older operating system, so you will not experience many of the teething problems faced by most users.

Performing all these services can take around 6 or 7 hours, and at my standard rate that would come to  £300 to £350, so this is a terrific value, and you will have the confidence that the job has been done by an expert. Save yourself some time and headaches, call today!