Old to New PC Transfer Service

Old to New PC Transfer Service



Old to new pc transfer serviceIf you are replacing your old computer with a new PC, my old to new PC transfer service will help make your transition easier!

There are three pricing options to choose from:


Basic Level – Data and Programs Transfer – £90

Data Transfer. All your files, photos, music, videos, bookmarks/favourites will be copied to your new machine.

Standard Level – £125

In addition to the basic data transfer you will get:

Configuration and Security Updates. I will download all the latest operating system security updates and service packs, all the new driver updates, and configure the computer to behave in the way you have become accustomed to in your old computer. I will ensure your computer is protected by an anti-virus program.

Home Set-up. I will connect your computer to your home internet, and set up any printers, cameras, etc. If you want to create a home network environment I can do that as well.

Deluxe Level – £165

Data and Programs Transfer. It is one thing to simply copy your data (i.e. files, email, pictures, videos and music to a new computer, which is relatively straight forward (it can still be tricky for some items). It is another thing to get your old programs to run on the new computer. You cannot simply copy these over; they must be installed afresh. With this offer I will do both the data transfer and where possible I will re-install your old programs on the new computer. I will also transfer your saved logins and passwords, favourites/bookmarks, and contacts. This process typically takes around 4-5 hours to do properly, depending on how much data needs to be transferred, whether it is possible to recover your program’s product key codes, etc.