Computer Lessons For Seniors

Computer Lessons For Seniors

computerlessonsforseniorsUsing computers has become part of modern life, and can provide many conveniences to make our lives easier, as well as provide a means of staying in touch with friends and family all over the world. However, getting used to using computers is often challenging for those who have not grown up with them.

I myself am 62 years old, and have spent many hours working with seniors on computers, making me an ideal instructor.  I have an easy-to-understand, friendly and patient delivery, and I help to de-mystify the jargon that often confuses users. For just £100, I will deliver a training program just right for the senior student.

A typical syllabus is:

•Introduction to hardware & operating systems
•How to find your way around your computer
•Surfing – Using Internet Browsers
•Internet and email safety – how to spot scammers, spammers and frauds
•Introduction to common applications

There is plenty of scope for tailoring a package to fit the needs of the user, and more time can be spent on areas of interest. An initial telephone consultation will help structure the course in just the right way.  Makes a great gift! Call today for more info.