Repairs And Upgrades

Repairs And Upgrades


Repairs, Upgrades and Troubleshooting for Computer Hardware or Software

Whether its hardware or software, laptops or desktops, when something goes wrong, I will diagnose and repair the problem using specialist diagnostic tools and software to get your computer back in working order. I also undertake upgrades to hardware, and optimise your software to boost your computer’s performance.

Optimisation Services

If your computer is running slowly, I will perform a speed audit to make sure everything is being done to boost your PC’s performance to its optimum capacity.

Home Network Setup

I can create a home network, wireless or wired, on which you can share devices, internet connections and even files (if desired) between computers in your home. I will ensure that the setup is secure from internet threats, and will run reliably at its fastest speed.

Transfer Data to New Computer

If you have just bought a new computer and want to transfer your data and applications from your old one, I can make sure nothing is missed. In some cases software may not work on the newer operating system, but I can usually point you in the direction of a new application, sometimes freely available, to make sure your needs are met.

Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

While not every computer can be changed, in most cases I can replace Windows 8 with Windows 7, giving you the experience you have become familiar with in previous versions of windows.

Back-up Services

Make sure you are protected from data loss and hardware failure with a back-up strategy. There are many ways to do this I can advise you on the one that best fits your requirements and your budget (some ways are even free!).