Computer Lessons

Computer Lessons


Computer Lessons for Home, School, or Work

I have many years experience in training both in business and personal situations, and have my own proven approach to helping you get to grips with how your computer and software works. I am experienced in teaching seniors, children and foreign students. I offer courses of instruction on several aspects of computer use, structured in the list below. However I can also tailor a course to fit your exact requirements. I also have a special discount for Seniors, charged at £20 per hour.

 Set Courses

Basic Computing – 4 lessons £150

This course covers Operating System Basics, Understanding Navigation, Introduction to applications, and Internet Use and safety.

Microsoft Word – 3 lessons £120

This course covers basic functions of word processing, formatting options, columns, tables, and working with images.

Windows 10 lessons – 3 lessons £120

Is Windows 8 giving you fits? Let me guide you into your comfort zone through hands on training and by making a few tweaks to Windows 8 so it will seem more familiar.

Internet Security Basics – 3 lessons £120

This course will familiarise you with antivirus and antimalware applications, firewall settings, operating system updates, and spotting spam and dangerous emails.

Using Search Engines and Browsers – 2 lessons £80

Learn some neat tricks to help you find what you’re looking for faster and with more relevance. Also we will look at the differences in Internet Browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, and help you pick the one you like best.

One-off session – £50 per hour

If you think you just need a bit of help with a few specific things rather than a course, I am available at my standard hourly rate, charged to the nearest half hour.


In addition to these, I can offer tuition on subjects like image editing, basic web design, using spread sheets and more. Because this areas can vary in requirements they will be tailored to fit your needs.