IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

ITConsultingAfter 16 years in a midsize business, I have accumulated a wealth of skills, knowledge and professional contacts that has me uniquely placed to offer consultancy on IT matters from the standpoint of what is needed from a business perspective.

I specialise in helping businesses to acquire software and hardware that fits their needs and at prices that can rarely be matched. Some of the areas covered are:

IT Hardware Procurement

My contacts in the industry as well as my skill in price negotiating enables me to save you money even above the fees I charge. In addition, you will need to be sure that your purchase will fit your requirements, so that you don’t end up with something under-resourced or pay over the odds for what you need. Whether it is a servers, workstations, laptops or tablets, a consultancy with me will pay for itself in total cost of ownership.

Software Procurement

Having the right tools for the job makes for the most efficient and productive work output. This applies to mechanics, plumbers, carpenters and other tradesman, but it is also true for any business. Software is the equivalent of the tools of your trade, and having the right software is just as important. I am able to assess your business needs, and see things from an end-user perspective. allowing me to help equip your business for highest productivity. In many cases there are applications form the open-source community, completely free, that will deliver the same results as proprietary software, and is compatible with them. In the event that your needs require a purchase, I will be best placed to identify and negotiate the best deal for you.

Contract Negotiation

One of the skills I am most proud of developing is my ability to negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers. Whether this is a support contract, a bespoke software purchase, a telephone & broadband contract, a network and internet security contract, or the lease of photocopiers or printers, I can use my skills to save you even above my fees. And most importantly you can rest assured you will get a solution that is right for you, through my experience of matching requirements with providers in a real business environment.

Network Consultancy

Setting up a network that is secure and yet allows access based on user need is a task that requires the skills that I provide. Assessing your needs, making recommendations for hardware and configuration, and ensuring security both from within and without are essentials that go into my work.