Business Services

Business Services

CambridgeOnsiteITSevicesCambridge Onsite IT Support Services for Business

I offer onsite IT support to Cambridge businesses with no call-out fee, charged to the nearest half-hour. I can also offer contract support for some of my services, tailored to your requirements.

On Site Repairs and Upgrades

I will undertake repairs/upgrades on workstations and laptops. Under some circumstances I may refer work on Servers to one of the support companies in my network of associates.

Virus and Malware Removal

I am an expert in virus and malware removal, often able to clear the infection saving your data and application from a re-install.

Computer Consultancy for Start-ups and Expansions

My years of experience in managing the IT department for a midsize business has given me a unique skill set in being able to offer advice and carry out procurement of equipment, and effect the set up of an IT office, whether it is for two computers or an entire office building. My Start-Clever program can find hardware at prices not many can match, and will help you find software, often freely available, to get your business up and running quickly.

Computer User Training

I have developed my own methods of training users in basic computer skills, leaving them with a solid base for using the most common office applications. I tailor the course to fit the needs of the business as well as the aptitude and skill level of the user.