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Slow Computer?

Is your computer running slowly? Why not let Cambridge Computer Medic speed things up for you? There are many reasons that your computer may be running slowly. Often times a simple automated procedure that takes about an hour to run can make a noticeable difference. Other times it can require such things as a RAM […]

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Old to New Computer Transfer Offer £150

Have you recently purchased a new computer and want to transfer your old data and programs to the new one? Take advantage of this special offer. It is one thing to simply copy your data (i.e. files, email, pictures, videos and music to a new computer, which is relatively straight forward (it can still be […]

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Windows 10 Upgrade Offer – £125 Including License

If you did not upgrade to Windows 10 during the free offer period, you can take advantage of this offer. For £125 I will upgrade your current computer to Windows 10, and ensure that all of your current programs and data remain intact. This includes the license. (Please note: not all computers can be upgraded, and some […]

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