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Cambridge Computer Repairs by 18 Year Pro

 I am Cambridge Computer Medic and I worked in IT for 16 years in a mid-size business, before becoming full-time self-employed in 2015. I started as a technician, then progressed through network administration, systems analysis and senior consultant, and finally ended up as the head of the department. Alongside my fulltime employment, in 2003 I began working […]

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Do you hate Windows 8?

If you find it frustrating using your new computer with Windows 8 or 8.1, you are not alone. One of the most common support calls I handle relate to users either finding it difficult to get used to how it works, or struggling to get their old data and applications into the new machine. One […]

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Should I Repair or Replace my Computer?


I am often asked “should I repair or replace my computer?” Consider this example: You have had your laptop for a few years, and it has done you good service. You are attached to it and everything is set up just so. But then something happens. You accidently sit on it, causing the screen to […]

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Do You have to Upgrade from Windows XP?

There are quite a large number of people still using Windows XP, both in business and at home. While most authorities will tell you this is a bad idea, it is still possible to get away with it for a time, as long as you follow very carefully, some steps to secure your computer. The […]

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IT Help for Cambridge Start-ups


Cambridge Computer Medic announces the launch of its Start-Clever initiative, featuring a free workshop for start-ups looking to identify IT needs such as how to choose hardware and software, becoming familiar with local and national suppliers and contractors, and tips on procurement and negotiating. The Start-Clever initiative is part of Cambridge Computer Medic’s IT consultancy […]

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